I'm Oriol, a Senior Product Designer based in London

I’ve been working on shaping digital solutions - from discovery to visuals - for over 10 years.

I’m a designer with strong interaction and visual communication skills with hands on light evaluative and generative research. I work in collaboration with product, engineering and analytics, as well as other designers to come up with solutions that not only holistically solve the problem in mind but also delight the target audience.

I’ve worked in both agency and in-house set-ups, small teams (of about 1 to 5 designers) and big international ones (+50 members) across Spain and the UK. These different ways of working allowed me to learn how to arrange processes to coordinate with my design peers as well as how to be the one building up the foundations when my coworkers were only on the engineering and product side.

Babylon Health
Shaping clinician’s experience in the digital health era.

At the moment I’m working as a Senior Product Designer at Babylon Health where I was a key designer when shaping the clinician experience of our comprehensive digital health services - delivering projects for the tools health providers interact with - and where I currently cover different projects end-to-end on a series of different domains.

As part of a big design team, I had the opportunity to tackle user and business pains from the start, running a few remote design sprints with my peers and developing more open outputs such as vision decks as well as final engineering handoffs.

In the past, I enjoyed working with a more centralised design team at Rightmove, where, as a group of less than 10 of us, we ideated and released features in response to identified needs for a product with millions of visitors a month. I supported both user-facing products, as well as professional ones, where staff working on the real estate field monitored the performance of their portfolio assets.

Assessing people to find a new place to call home.

My remit there was on supporting the UX (interaction and visual) while supporting research. But I also helped the Marketing team develop and release a new branding and supported defining how this was going to affect our digital products.

Prior to that, I was a solo designer at Fitbug, a small startup (15 employees) working on health plans with attainable goals. There I worked very closely with product and engineering to make a mobile product that guided users through habit and workouts to reach their goal under a 12 week program.

Developing digital health & fitness plans to improve yourself

Some of the bits that currently interests me are designs systems and other design Ops bits (alignment between designers, our tools and processes), consistency and modularisation on the visual/engineering side, and journey and system mapping as working tools.

If you want to know more about the projects I worked on and how I like to get around them, drop me a line!

That’s it for me on 12 of January 2022,
Oriol Valldeperas